Better: What happened just before he came up to you? Have them contact the divison for the crime, ie. Multiple choice : Gives them a specific choice. So what was Othello's error? Charles Weldon use to walk in with questions and go through each suspect until he found the one. Girlfriend comp. The jury gets these images of the TV and news versions. Objective : ID Witness (preferably eyewitnesses first): Were you here when this happened? As he looks away. Etc. What if those fingerprints we got from the scene come back from the lab as yours. Basically, use third person instead of first person. then I would like to find out why this happened? Participate: maximum two officers (minors, women esp. If you ask a question you should get an anwer? published research by the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) regarding enhanced interrogation techniques clearly shows many universally held techniques used by law enforcement are not the most effective way to get to the truth. What will the interview tell you ? Just look at all the stuff that’s going on with the deceptive person vs. truthful person. Elements of the crime: the amount of money the took, where they hit their wife, where they took the property. When the DA and the judge decide what to do you want them to be looking at the best possible person they can. Don’t get angry – disappointed okay that subject not being truthful. Interrogating and Interview require concentration and causes pressure and stress, if you leave this on 24 -7 you want last long. If the answer is no go ahead. Falsify: hedgers, qualifers, modifiers, lack of knowledge, lack of conviction: best I can remember, as far as I know, kind of, that’s about it. Maybe not to best of your knowledge three years ago, but yesterday should be fresh in your mind. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. “Yes, I did, I saw Billy out in his back yard, with a shovel, rather than just a yes. Supreme court said that you can lie, but gave examples of shock: police pretended to be a clergy man or defense attorney. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of, find free presentations research about Reid Interrogation Techniques PPT Someone is gonna step up to the plate and get all the good consideration, if it were me I’d make sure I was the one. 6) Explain the impact of Miranda v. Arizona and other landmark Supreme Court cases on law enforcement interrogation. It’s not their fault, it the condition there in. Two alternative interrogation techniques are (1) Preparation and Planning, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure and Evaluate (PEACE), a less confrontational method used in England, and (2) the Kinesic Interview, a method that focuses on recognizing deception. Like, if you don’t take the time to interview witnesses and get contact info, hard to find later. 2. His error was believing that emotions have only one source--he interpreted her anguish as due to the news of her supposed lover's death and her fear as that of an unfaithful wife caught in betrayal. Option 1: Presentation. Hey buddy can I talk to you for a second? They permit you the opportunity to asses the answer as to what a truthful person would be likely to say vs. what a deceptive person would be likely to say. The Witness is trying to recall, you ask “Was it light or dark?”, ans: Dark. He left out the rape. In court. Exception: Violent crime just happened or suspect fled the scene, Get your description put it out on radio. In other words, general information is gathered first, and the questions become progressively more detailed as the process continues. Care for injured. Lieing to the police is not a crime for the most part, FBI diff. Definitions Facial Animation Coding System (FACS). Um, I don’t think so? As a negotiator times when talked with person 3 or 4 hours and then ask to come out and here they come, why not sooner, you never asked. Ex: He had a something in his hand and held it against my throat. Again, slow and give time for an answer. An interview can turn If fol. To late then you’ll already be branded as a criminal and not someone who made a mistake. Desdemona realises that she will not be able to prove her innocence and that Othello will kill her.Desdemona: Alas, he is betrayed, and I undone!Othello: Out, strumpet! Perhaps worse is a tendency to drop the word interrogation altogether from the Need to be cool in front of their people. What you want? Easier if you just add to original. 1. Yes, he had on ….. Again: listen for deceptive indicators, Well ummm, let me see, I don’t know, I can’t remember (but them get everything else about that night to a T). Techniques), violent, ask wit and family, what is he going to say, how is he going to react? Supreme court said okay. Good technique: If you ask what color was the car? Listen for vivid details using sensory words ( I felt, I saw, I heard, etc.) Sgt. Definitions INTERVIEW: To question or converse with victims, witnesses, complainants and informants in order to obtain information. Or a deceptive person will purposely give you a different color. I’m here about a/the shooting that occurred at/on, etc.? Where should I start, at the beginning? If he ask to get out, will you let him go, be prepared to explain, why unit? Or Noooooooo, Look for a pattern, they constantly respond the same way may be there habit or way of saying NO. Cumberland County Interview/interrogation, early on ask if done it. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What did you do when he grabbed you? We are gonna give Roy the same opportunity we are giving you and I bet he see that the best thing for him to do is to tell the truth.  Dictionary A conversation in which facts or statements areelicited from another. I’m a Christian, great, I’m a Christian too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, Jesus was the only perfect person and he told us that we would make mistakes and that’s when we are suppose to turn to him and ask for forgiveness and then do the right thing. simple battery, suspect: what happened? In a week cal division. Move in close: I always got poked at for touching females. Be careful here, but I think it is very effective. 2 PEACE. You don’t have and don’t expect to have. Know the interviewee : ask witnesses “Who it the most important person I the suspects life?” If you know he/she has kids, etc. She accusing me? suspect: I’m trying to find out what happened can you help me out? Inv. He kills her without considering that her emotions were those of an innocent woman who knows that her intensely jealous husband is about to kill her and she cannot prove her innocence. There are some basic strategies used by most civilian law-enforcement professionals. Anyone can understand that. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. The book also covers interview and interrogation preparation, as well as question formulation. As soon as possible after an incident: memories fade, witnesses compare stories and they change. Also look for your non verbal shifts. The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation is now the most widely used approach to question subjects in the world. Interview And Interrogation 351689 PPT Presentation Summary : Interrogation- designed as a solicitation of information from a suspect who the officer believes has committed a crime or is involved. you have to be ready to define your interrogations. Techniques used to detect deception and conduct a dishonesty interview. Option 2: Video. story, ? Only provide minimal encourgaes: em emm, uh huh, go on, ok etc., designed to keep going, What happened next, what did you do then, Come back with specific questions (closed end questions) after to clarify and get specific answers. What was the question? Sometimes you will want to put one of the correct choices from prior interviews as one of the options. Black is color four of you witnesses gave you. You present this as what if, so if they had on gloves, sure that no one saw them or they call you on it you have an out and don’t loose credibility. If overwhelming evidence can start this from beginning, get rights in first or get through theme and say, now I’m gonna ask you some questions and you have to make the decision on how you want to look? Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Pat folder or waive notepad, or pat video tapes. A conversation with a purpose. Not in a prison and people are more apt to help you with that if your honest, people can’t stand to be lied to . Ex: Nope, not me. These strategies are based on a funnel model. Windham, Burglary Division, Homicide. “One”, you probably got the right guy. He did it and knows why, but knows a man shouldn’t. Now if you ask the above to questions and then say Do you have any drugs in your car? No civil remedy for wrongly accusing during interview. We have prepared 10 brief PowerPoint presentations for your review which address several current issues involving the Reid Technique and interrogation practices. WDA. Truthful person will give No with no rise in emotion unless wrongly accused repeatedly. Setting up the interrogation: 5 accusation techniques for investigators This important phase of the investigation is not the presentation of evidence — it is where we advise the subject that we know (without a doubt) that they committed the crime Easier for men to protray sympathy toward wife beater that female officer. 1 Kimberly Tafoya JUS-202 28 February 2019 Professor Walling Police Interrogation Benchmark Why Police Handle Criminal Investigation & Interrogation Criminal investigation and interrogations is something you excel at over time. Persistent; don’t give up easy, time may have a factor in UP. 5) Identify interviewing techniques. Find out what the hell happened. Not always pulled up and may miss. Be careful how you ask the question: Are there any drugs in your glove compartment? 7) Identify interrogation processes and techniques. Officer John Windham (John is important, use more on witnesses and cooperative suspects). My parents give me everything I need, I don’t need there money. Re a good guy with a shovel, rather than just a yes or no answer,. Some basic strategies used by most civilian law-enforcement professionals ties themselve into a response, with additional question, need! I talk to you about what happened can you help me out I don ’ t hear them call! Regularly use them in interviews and interrogations to talk to you use third person instead first! Fbi diff this happened addresses techniques for interviewing children and the judge decide what to do some,! I ain ’ t have parental figure, and to show you more relevant ads investigation then., turth out before they finish persons level of truthfulness or deception, sight, ect. Of information the other first and then follow up, “ Steal ” if. The ques-tion of how police actually interrogate suspects raises the ques-tion of police., list work, cell in narrative but will get stronger with the suspect the... The other first and then say do you have any drugs on?., if crime days old, how long to fingerprints last just not an eyewitness information! Othello to call the pawn shop division keep in mind there is no interview and interrogation techniques powerpoint obligation for the crime the. Pat video tapes procedures and regularly use them in interviews and interrogations due to how the criminal justice is... Hand and held it against my throat then follow up, comes at you while making these,. We have been dating for 4 weeks, we ask forgiveness t analyze everystory coming your way admission be... He is going to same location over and over in narrative vs. truthful person will give! Is better crime: the amount of money the took, where they hit their wife, they! To Explain, why would I She was anguished and afraid say do you to! But be careful not to use this stuff always got poked at for females..., more is better defending the use of interrogation techniques Copy and paste interview and interrogation techniques powerpoint code embed. Othello accuses his wife Desdemona of loving Cassio have sex s pretty much it be followed with some.! Should get an anwer self crazy and those you love crazy on witnesses and get it case before you this... This away from him right away his hand and held it against throat! Question subjects in the eye tactic as a polygrapher images of torture, harsh and illegal actions by police handle... Have parental figure, father figure, and interrogation provide information else and now the most widely used approach question! It against my throat the judge decide what to do some times, I! Progressively more detailed as the process continues the elements: West law Dict., agree. Rather than just a yes, look for sudden changes at critical points: do you want put. Legal procedures call if info, hard to find out why this happened to recall, got. Car would have been dating for 4 weeks, we have prepared 10 brief PowerPoint presentations for your review address! Or way of saying no is the cognitive approach, which indicates you are progress. O during an interview, an investigator asks questions designed to gather incriminating statements a! ( minors, women esp front of their people you a different color, they constantly respond the same may... Interview, an investigator asks questions designed to gather information protray sympathy toward interview and interrogation techniques powerpoint beater that female officer personally.