If you’re still waiting on your parcel and it’s been with us for over 7 days, please let the sender know so that they can get in … Contacted the courier company to say contents were not ordered by me etc, Had a parcel delivered I didn't order advice needed. You’ll have been given the 16-digit tracking number when you booked your order or, if you’re receiving a parcel, the sender should be able to give this to you. Tracking shows an item as delivered signed for. Outdoor bins looked inside. You are entitled to a full refund from the seller (including any postage costs you paid them). … Secondly, many of these “phantom sellers” don’t include a return address or order number on the package. Of course, but that can be easily reversed. I’ve just received a parcel I didn’t order with a packing note saying it’s a gift, and I have now spent 30 minutes trying to find a way to contact Amazon about it. Are Hermes couriers (and maybe other couriers) signing for items as delivered but not actually delivering them, until a later date? ian 3,974 3,974 Laim, Munich; Posted 2 Jun 2012. checking other parcel delivered by Hermes, it's states was posted through letterbox but was left on the top of empty parcel. Good to know you got your parcel. Information on what to do if you won't be in at the specified delivery time to receive your parcel. While a third said: "I’ve received a phone case and AirPod case that I didn't order." I have not received a parcel. very bad service. LT Posts: 4. second parcel they have stolen from me this year first was to be a birthday present for my brother pretended they had delived it. Please send information about how to do this. I have received a parcel from Hermes which I didn't order and has no delivery note or c... GetHuman-bryancat's customer service issue with Hermes.com from January 2020 Track your Hermes parcels and returns with quick and easy parcel tracking. What can I do if I haven’t received my parcel? A parcel arrived from a mail order firm yesterday containing a garment and an invoice. This IS a brushing scam, and I don’t care about donating it, but I do want them to know how I can contact Amazon without an order number… I did not order this scarf or any other scarf, and no one has sent this to me as a gift. It doesn't mean the OP won't have to actually return the item! I received a parcel at work which was addressed to me and signed for it, upon opening the parcel the contents were nothing i had ordered, there was nothing inside the box apart from the goods themselves no invoice packing note etc so no clue where it had come from. Left by Hermes courier.. Called* st August*No ***** GetHuman-cabhosp's Track an Order issue with Hermes.com from August 2019 Such as if not in leave parcel in shed round the back or something like that. If your courier has already attempted to deliver your parcel, you should’ve received a calling card with an 8 digit number printed on it, just use this to track your parcel. Our help and support section may have the answers you're looking for. The worrying 'brushing' scam sweeping UK where shoppers are sent parcels they didn't order. But I didn't receive no parcel. When I checked email I found I had 2 emails regarding despatch and delivery dates for this parcel but no order confirmation. On Monday 21 October I was off from work and didn't leave home before parcel was delivered. I received a parcel I didn’t order; I received a parcel I didn’t order 09 November 2020 12:52; Updated; If you received an unexpected parcel from us you may have set up a subscription order with the intention to order just once. It was a costly stuff if 200 pounds from online store. I do not want to be charged with this thing. Payment: CU Remarks CU9559980 -1201976819449 These are the only number that look like an order number. I received a package that I did not order nor want. Bought 6/12/20 shows on Hermes tracking that they had on 9/12/20 today 23/12/20 and the parcel is still at the distribution centre. Underneath car checked. I received a Parcel I didn't order Started by ian, 2 Jun 2012. ), but on the … I actually received a package that I didn't order(not from ebay purchase). Tiffany Crow received Amazon parcels she didn’t order or pay for. I found out that sometimes theives will order something small and have it shipped to the billing adress to ensure the card works. I did not order it (I live in the UK, I have no need for a US to UK plug adapter! An Amazon package Some customers report that Amazon has told them to keep the items and not send them back. It was collected but has not been delivered. ." Can I refuse my parcel? Published: August 5, 2020 6:40 PM EDT. That's just a customer service courtesy. i was at home but the courier did not ring my flat and left the parcel with the manager of this scheme. A Hermes delivery driver has been sacked after allegedly “stealing” a Royal Mail parcel that was left on a 72-year-old customer’s doorstep. A "sales memo" marked "Hermes… Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . they should call themselves just theives. Do not feel in any way that because the seller "sent the parcel and haven't done anything wrong" you should end up losing out. Of course, there are also far less insidious explanations for why you received a package you didn’t order. It could be a gift, especially at this time of year. I recently received a package from Amazon that I did not order, I have also been charged for this order too. very bad service. They can then recover their costs from Hermes. Google: Beware of Amazon Packages You Didn’t Order—It Could Be a Scam. Parcel can't be found outside. People at home all day. It is 100% the sellers responsibility to get the goods to you. When I checked my amazon account it does not show in recent orders, the last purchase was in 2017. At the delivery address. As a buyer, I would have tracked my parcel and contacted them myself within a few days if it hadn’t been delivered. I received a parcel I didn't order, with my address and mobile number on the package - should I be concerned?